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This is the World’s First International Bhikkhunis Magazine & Website specially for all Bhikkhunis (Buddhist Nuns) in the world. Now you can read our all Magazines. This Bhikkhunis International Buddhist Magazine has been published in English, which includes 60 pages of articles related to Buddhism and Bhikkhuni Sasana. The magazine comprises special articles written by leading and Senior Bhikkhunis overseas. “Bhikkhunis” International Buddhist Magazine so far has been successfully distributed to 48 countries in the world.

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Welcome to all over the world who are sincerely interested in Buddhism & respect to the Bhikkhunis. Worldwide lot’s of Bhikkhunis doing many activities. We decided offer an amazing opportunity to publish and broadcast worldwide all Bhikkhunis activities as video clips look like this.  Click & watch the video.

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Lots of Buddhist Nuns in the world always very talented. As a result of this, we decided to be presenting to you the Biographs, Bhikkhunis Life and their stories on this very special segment. We are highly respect to the Bhikkhunis in the world.

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The society highly believes “The women have superb talent for management everything”. Do polishing that statement, the Bhikkhunis also have appreciated experience for manage and build nice temples. More Bhikkhunis have many World’s Famous Bhikkhunis Temples in the worldwide.  In here, we are publishing for you beautiful and World’s Famous Bhikkhunis Temples. 

#Bhikkhunis_International_Buddhist_Magazine_Website_USA_Dhammadharini Monastery


Dhammadharini Monastery



Pau Chi Temple

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Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery



Aneñja Monastery



Tzu Chi



Buddha Catu Parisa

Bhikkhunis Teach You

How to Be a vegetarian

Vegetarian food is about lifestyle; an attitude towards our environment and our health. Nowadays most of the people are in the world turn over to the vegetarian foods. It is the one part of global culture and people are thinking it is time to promote nutritious and healthy vegetarian food with the help of their mental power.

The Eight Garudhammas

Rules of Respect Bhikkhunis

Gautama Buddha first ordained women as nuns five years after his enlightenment and five years after first ordaining men into the sangha. The first Buddhist nun was his aunt and foster mother Mahapajapati Gotami. Bhikkhunis have to follow the eight rules of respect, which are vows called The Eight Garudhammas.

Buddhist Nun’s Activities & Trainings

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Bhikkhunis Teachings


Buddhist Nuns always spreading the teachings of Buddhism & getting hard efforts for social and spiritual transformation. Also, Bhikkhunis mission is to develop their own practice while also freely sharing their skills with the community.

Sublime Path

Dhamma would be very useful for meaningful and lead happy lives hereafter.

The Guidance

Mindful contemplation of the body, feeling, states of mind and mind objects.

Uplifting Buddhist Laity

Many kinds of love in human society - a mother's love for her child, a husband's love for his wife, yet none of these are Mettā.

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Outstanding Women in Buddhism Awards (OWBA) Ceremony - 2025



Bhikkhunis great benefit in developing the right attitude in all kinds of social situations. It is called developing loving-kindness.


One who again and again extends boundless love to all beings everywhere will generate and fill the mind with pure mental energies which subtly change its attitude.


Just open your heart with confidence in the practice and let it fill you with this positive energy. It helps you to good wishes for yourself.



The Buddha warned them to be careful of women. As a result, it is a custom when a woman wants to make offering to a monk, the monk always must lay a piece of cloth to receive it.


Women tend to feel themselves lowly and not worthy, some would even see themselves as obstacles to the purity of monks.


We are in a position to judge clearly that such a saying was purely with bias against women and not in conformity with the spirit of Buddhism.

Standing for the

Bhikkhunis Future


There is no stronger bonding for women than men, and men are also enemy to the purity of women.


In Theravada there are 227 rules for Monks and 311 for Bhikkhunis.


Bhikkhunis training in the Buddha’s ancient wisdom teachings and keep them forever.


Bhikkhuni’s presence, patience, and occasional advice most valuable.


Bhikkhunis always promote harmony and dialogue among the Buddhist traditions and other religions.


To foster compassionate social action for the benefit of humanity.


No More Suffering

First is the truth of suffering or stress; dukkha is the Pali term. Sometimes we’re told that the first truth is that “life is suffering” or “everything is suffering,” but that’s not the case. The Buddha basically said that “there is suffering.” It’s one of four things you’re going to encounter in life that you should pay attention to.

The awakening &

Path of golden Bhikkhunis

The progression to ordination as a bhikkhuni is taken in four steps.A layperson initially takes the Ten Precepts, becoming a śrāmaṇerī or novice.They then undergo a two-year period following the vows of a śikṣamāṇā, or probationary nun.This two-year probationary status is not required of monks, and ensures that a candidate for ordination is not pregnant. They then undergo two higher ordinations (upasampada) first from a quorum of bhikkhunis, and then again from a quorum of bhikkhus.Vinaya rules are not explicit as to whether this second higher ordination is simply a confirmation of the ordination conducted by the bhikkhunis, or if monks are given final say in the ordination of bhikkhunis


Engaging as Buddhist Nun....
Achieving the Successfulness....

The Traditions of


In Buddhism, women can openly aspire to and practice for the highest level of spiritual attainment. Buddhism is unique in that the Buddha as founder of a spiritual tradition explicitly states in canonical literature that a woman is as capable of nirvana as men and can fully attain all four stages of enlightenment. Uphold the Dhamma-Vinaya for present and future generations of Buddhist women on the path to awakening.


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This is our First International Buddhist Magazine which is distributing to the World’s high & main Buddhist Temples, International Buddhist organizations, the World’s famous Buddhist Monks, Nuns & Masters and selected worldwide High Commissions & Embassies. Also, specially distributing overseas during International Buddhist Conferences.

This is our Main Buddhist Channel. As a Buddhist and universal traveler, Buddhika Sanjeewa has been to more than 30 countries. During these visits he worshiped many Buddhist Temples and most valuable historical Buddhist places all around the world. We share with you on the spiritual values of these Buddhist Temples. Now you can watch our all Buddhist videos.

This is our Second International Buddhist Magazine, and this is the World’s First International Bhikkhunis Magazine & Website specially for all Bhikkhunis (Buddhist Nuns) in the world. The Magazine includes 60 pages comprises special articles who written by leading and Senior Bhikkhunis overseas and successfully distributed to 50 countries in the world. 

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