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Most Venerable Senior Bhikkhuni Shih Ming Dao, The Abbot, Zhulin Temple, Xuzhou City, China. Abbess Ming Dao break the traditional Buddhism model of thinking, She promote the female virtue., She is the model who promote Dharna and save all living beings from sufferings in new era.

The Zhulin Temple, situated in Xuzhou City, Jiangshu province in China This is the first Bhikkhuni Temple in China. Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Jing Jian was the earliest Buddhist nun to renounce the family in China. She initiated the first Buddhist nunnery named Zhulin (Bamboo Grave), Nunnery in Loyang, China. She was born in Xuzhou city in A D 291 year in West Jin Dynasty, she became a nun at the age of 24 and died at the age of 70, this temple was initially built over 1600 years ago in East Jin Dynasty. Now Chief Abbess in Zhulin Temple, Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Shih Ming Dao. Nowadays, China is known as the number one Bhikkhuni Temple for Buddhist rites.

中国第一比丘尼道场竹林寺水陆法会主法女住持-上明下道大和尚 打破传统佛教思维 弘扬女德 新时代弘扬佛法普度众生的典范. 竹林寺是中国第一比丘尼道场.

(中国第一位比丘尼净检法师是徐州人,生于西晋末年,公元291年,24岁出家,70岁圆寂,徐州人民为纪念其功绩,将东晋永和年间曾在东郊狮子山上的青园寺改为竹林寺,距今已有一千六百余年历史. 竹林寺是中国第一比丘尼道场. 释明道 – 住持 中国第一比丘尼道场•竹林寺)

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