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About Bhikkhunis International Buddhist Magazine & Website


“Bhikkhunis” for Golden Era of Bhikkhunis….

I am thinking “Bhikkhunis” International Buddhist Magazine and Website are nowadays most important to the Bhikkhunis Sasana. Because, this magazine mainly focusses to propagate Bhikkhuni Sasana worldwide. “Bhikkhunis” Magazine highly believes our Dhamma effort is very useful for both Bhikkhunis & devotees all around the world. We have promised to Bhikkhunis and Buddhists worldwide that we will ensure glorious years of service to the Buddha-Sāsana & Bhikkhunis Sasana in future within our capability. In Buddhism, women can openly aspire to and practice for the highest level of spiritual attainment. Buddhism is unique among Indian religions in that the Buddha as founder of a spiritual tradition explicitly states in canonical literature that a woman is as capable of nirvana as men and can fully attain all four stages of enlighten. Our mission is to write and publish on pure Buddhism with Bhikkhunis activities and share them via different print media and online media platforms worldwide. “Bhikkhunis” has been successfully distributed to over 40 countries up to date, and & worldwide absolutely free of charge distributing. Specially distributed Overseas High Buddhist Monks, Masters, Bhikkhunis, Nuns, Worldwide Buddhist Monasteries & Associations, International Buddhist conferences, Forums and High Commissions & Embassies situated in overseas. “Bhikkhunis” International Buddhist Magazine is an unprecedented Magazine. in the bhikkhuni community and recognizing Bhikkhunis around the world who have quietly made important contributions to the Buddhist community, spreading the Dharma across the world with humility and gratitude.

Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Dr. Ming Yu
President of the Outstanding Women in Buddhism Awards (OWBA), Honorary President of the Chinese Character Education Promotion Association, Deputy President of the World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) and Chairman of Women Development Committee, The Former President of Chinese Young Buddhist Association in Taiwan (CYBA), Vice of President International Women Meditation Center Foundation, International Chairman & Coordinator of Mahasanghadana in Taiwan, Founder of First Merits Goodness Awards Taiwan and Other Countries & Dignified Adviser of Mettavalokanaya International Buddhist Magazine and Bhikkhunis International Buddhist Magazine

“Bhikkhunis” Proudly Presents to Highest Bhikkhuni Sasana….

According to Buddhist scriptures, the order of Bhikkhunis was first created by the Buddha at the specific request of His Aunt and Foster – Mother “Mahapajapati Gotami”, who became the first ordained Bhikkhuni. During the time of Buddha, the First Bhikkhuni ordination took place in the fifth year after the Buddha’s Enlightenment. The Buddha’s words were “I allow Nuns to be ordained by Monks”. Following Buddha’s instructions, “Mettavalokanaya” – Sri Lankan’s Most Popular & Leading Monthly International Buddhist Magazine and Website decided starting their second and newly magazine & website specially for whole Bhikkhunis (Nuns) in the world. This is the World’s First Time, and this is the First International Bhikkhunis Magazine & Website. Today marks a very special day for me, because I had one dream to publish one special Buddhist Magazine Specially for Bhikkhunis in the World. I am not a Monk or Bhikkhuni or Lady, but as a Layman I have achieved my target and appeared to do this Golden “Bhikkhunis” Magazine. Because, I always respect to Bhikkhunis as my Mother. According to my vast globally knowledge with experience & 20 years International Buddhist propagate efforts, I always do in my best to the Bhikkhuni Sasana forever. For the first time in Sri Lankan & Overseas Buddhist Magazines history, “Bhikkhunis” has been published in English, which includes60 pages of articles related to Buddhism and Bhikkhuni Sasana. The magazine comprises special articles written by leading and Senior Bhikkhunis in overseas.

Buddhika Sanjeewa
Founder / President / Chief Editor
Bhikkhunis International Buddhist Magazine & Website | Mettavalokanaya International Buddhist Magazine & Website


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