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About Bhikkhunis International Buddhist Magazine & Website


According to Buddhist scriptures, the order of Bhikkhunis was first created by the Buddha at the specific request of his aunt and foster-mother Mahapajapati Gotami, who became the first ordained Bhikkhuni. During the time of Buddha, the First Bhikkhuni ordination took place in the fifth year after the Buddha’s Enlightenment. The Buddha’s words were “I allow Nuns to be ordained by monks”. Following Buddha’s instructions, “Mettavalokanaya” – Sri Lankan’s Most Popular & Leading Monthly International Buddhist Magazine and Website decided starting our second and newly magazine & website specially for whole Nuns in the world. This is the World’s First International Bhikkhunis Magazine & Website who started Mettavalokana Buddhist Publications Centre in Sri Lanka.

“Bhikkhunis” International Buddhist Magazine so far has been successfully distributed to 40 countries in the world. Regularly we are distributing to the World’s high & main Buddhist Temples, International Buddhist organizations, the World’s famous Buddhist Monks, Nuns & Masters and selected worldwide High Commissions & Embassies. Also, specially distributing overseas during International Buddhist Conferences & Forums. Our “Bhikkhunis” International Buddhist Magazine & website are absolutely free of charge to general public. The magazine comprises of special articles on Buddhism written by leading Buddhist Nuns (Bhikkhunis) from foreign countries. “Bhikkhunis” is currently been published in English and includes full color 60 pages. The “Bhikkhunis” International Buddhist Magazine is a registered Buddhist Publications Centre in Sri Lanka and has received many International accolades. We are uploading in in all 20 official Social Medias.


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